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 FOA Thaipar
Topic Originator: Gareth Keenan Investigates  
Date:   Mon 21 Sep 09:32

Hi Thaipar,

I would like to take this chance to apologise for any offence caused to yourself for the back and forward last Friday. What I said was tongue in cheek and I didn't take into account any consequences it could have for yourself, your business and any other expats which may be involved with your ventures. As life long fans we all know fund raising is critical still to keeping our club going and I, along with everyone else, appreciate the efforts you have went to in the past and future with this and I fully take back any comments which I realise now were offensive and contained a term which I didn't really understand the full context of. I deleted these comments on Friday and left an apology on the thread named after my username but it was deleted by Saturday morning so unsure if you got a chance to see it.

I hope my comments have not done any harm to your future ventures.

I will also be taking this opportunity to stop posting on the forum, I am unsure how to remove my username but if you wish to contact me regarding this whole situation further I passed my personal email onto Brian and Widtink so feel free to get in touch. I think I've posted this in the right section of the forum but admin feel free to move if required.
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 Re: FOA Thaipar
Topic Originator: Thaipar  
Date:   Mon 21 Sep 10:16

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