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 Discussions and sharing experiences
Topic Originator: theparsman1885  
Date:   Wed 30 Jun 19:50

So, on a forum, specifically this forum, where can the recent articles that were removed be debated?

Numerous posts and debates have been cut down without any outlet for the posters on here to have a discussion on it. Why?

The issue clearly hasn’t been resolved, posts are deleted and topics closed, stifling debate.

Let’s walk through what racism and homophobia looks like in the 21st century and aim to educate and inform?

Dare I say give the author and admin who sanctioned the piece an opportunity to apologise properly for the opinions within, and commit to taking on board some education on the matter by participating in a debate?

Those articles whether you agree with them or not, were penned and published for purposes of starting debate.

Let’s debate.

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 Re: Discussions and sharing experiences
Topic Originator: EEP  
Date:   Wed 30 Jun 21:35

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 Re: Discussions and sharing experiences
Topic Originator: da_no_1  
Date:   Wed 30 Jun 21:39

Or alternatively you could try not posting absolute nonsense every single time. Just a thought.

"Some days will stay a 1000 years, some pass like the flash of a spark"
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 Re: Discussions and sharing experiences
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Wed 30 Jun 22:26

thanks, a sensible post

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