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DAFC.net Forum app launched for Android devices

A new Android App has been developed to make it easier to access the forum from Android Mobile devices. This free app is available now on Google Play – search for “dafc.net forum”.

There is now a new way for owners of Android-based devices to access the DAFC.net forum. IJM Software has developed an app that makes it easy to view the forum, particularly on smaller devices where the current web browsing experience is less than ideal. This free app is available now on Google Play – search for “dafc.net forum”.

The app was launched on 27th June, and has received very positive feedback both on the forum and in the User Reviews section on Google Play. At the time of writing, the app has been installed on 175 devices, a number which is increasing daily.

The app currently only allows viewing of the forum, but the ability to post will be added in the near future, along with a raft of other enhancements – many directly resulting from feedback sought from the forum. The app does, however, already have many personalisation features such as the ability to show or hide images, restrict image sizes, and choose colours.

So if you have an Android device, you are encouraged to try out the app. Feedback is welcomed, either on the forum or via email to ijm.software@yahoo.com. Whilst the app is free, if you find you use it heavily, IJM Software suggest you consider donating £5 to the football club.

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