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Author: Brian Duncan Date: Wednesday, 23rd Oct 2002

Jimmy Calderwood could have been happier despite winning 2-0 against Falkirk to go through to the next round of the CIS Cup.

The CIS cup game against Falkirk was always going to be difficult, due mainly to the rivalry between the two teams.

To say Jimmy Calderwood was disappointed would be an understatement, although he himself said that tomorrow morning would probably make it better.

Jimmy Calderwood: We created the most chances but we were hopeless. silence, What upset you so much ? 90 minutes, too many good players playing so badly. We couldn`t switch off - we were never turned on. we scored in 90 seconds, that was maybe the one plus in the whole game - OK plus we got through. Falkirk were never out of the game, although another plus is that we defended quite well. poor poor performance

more silence. He was asked about west, we have enough to worry about without worrying about him at the moment

On Crawfords goals, first goal did well, second he couldn`t miss. thats the quietest, poorest they have been all season in open play.

you get the start in 90 seconds, we just didn`t play, pitch was perfect, great atmosphere, we just kept giving the ball away. Gus had a knock in first half, so we decided to see how it went at the start of the second but we didn`t want to take any chances. their two lads up front are good players, but with respect to Gus, it worked out better cause we got Bullen back as he`s got good pace also. Jason held it up also for us.

I would think all the credit goes to Falkirk, Ian will be pleased with his team - and rightly so. and we`re very dissapointed with ours thats an understatement.

Chuffed for the supporters, great for them, knowing the rivalry betweeen the two clubs. and I suppose we wake up tomorrow morning we may feel a bit better as we`re still in the cup.

[I think Calderwood is being a bit hard on his players as Falkirk were always going to battle and make it difficult and they did get the result. Brian]

Ian McCall: we dominated the second half, it wasn`t just agression, it was good football and good passing. we`re a premier league club in all but name and wages, there`s no doubt about it, we showed that tonight.

to put so much into it but some of the saves were outstanding. we had a poor start, but Crawford took his goal well. there are things that happened that shouldn`t have, we should have been better prepeared.

our support was excellent, tonight we matched in terms of football. if we can get the stadium sorted out we can play against the bottom 4 or 5 teams in the SPL.
Good luck to the Pars in the next round, its a good club

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