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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Tuesday, 15th Aug 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Paul Le Guen, Jim Leishman and Owen Morrison after the game against Rangers at EEP.

Paul Le Guen
Paul thinks, for his team, it was a waste of points and feels his side was unlucky to concede with a misunderstanding between two players creating the chance. Talking about how he was able to drop points against relegation candidates Dunfermline he said it wasn’t a big surprise, probably his way of saying that all the games are hard. Hard to tell exactly what he’s trying to say but he is adamant his players can do better and that he is not worried about their performance so far.

Jim Leishman
Jim is very pleased for the players and how they played having lost a goal he thought they could maybe have conceded more. He speaks of his problems in picking a formation and a team for the game with the huge injury problem. Leish doesn’t mind being quoted as the worst team in the SPL because they have finished second bottom for the past two years so its what you come to expect but he explains the club as a whole is working through the hard times to get stronger. On the news that Owen Morrison’s wife having a child, Jim tells us how he allowed Owen to go back to Derry but wanted him back for the Saturday to prepare such was the lack of players. Mark Burchill was taken off because of a groin reoccurring groin problem and to keep him on would have left him out for months. When questioned about who he thinks can win the league he jokes that Dunfermline have a chance of getting up beside Rangers and Hearts at the top of the table.

Owen Morrison
Owen describes his weekend as unbelievable having gained a little girl and a goal against Ranger in the same day, he explained that if she had gone into labour at a decent hour he would have dropped everything and raced back to Ireland. He is disappointed at missing the birth of his second child but at the same time he realises that needs must and it was made sweeter by scoring his first league goal. Owen, being a Celtic fan, joked about keeping a low profile when he goes back home but is happy about not having to buy a drink among his Celtic adoring friends and family. The injury crisis hasn’t be lost on Morrison who has never seen anything like it in his career with such a small squad to chose from.

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