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 What Planet is Dominic on?
Topic Originator: Buspasspar  
Date:   Tue 22 Oct 20:19

Tory Party celebrating winning a commons vote

They were always going to win it because it draws them into further discussion, scrutiny and amendments but they cannot see it they are celebrating as though the deal has been done and they've won the world cup

Second vote defeated and Dominic throws the toys out the pram. We will pause the deal!! we will wait and see!! we will speak to the EU!! we will leave with this deal!!l AH Dominic but when ? .... but more significantly the earlier threats of a G.E. was not mentioned in his pathetic bluster...... all Hallow's eve....trick or treat you would not even make a guid guiser Dominic
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 Re: What Planet is Dominic on?
Topic Originator: AdamAntsParsStripe  
Date:   Wed 23 Oct 15:01

Tory party winning that vote has ironically stopped them winning a no deal Brexit.
Yes, the cynic in me thinks that's what they want really.
Had they lost, I could have seen the EU just washing their hands from it all and offer no extension.

Now, they won't get this through Parliament before Oct 31st, the Farage led Brexit Party will be showing their hand come the inevitable General Election.
Labour and Libs will also split the remain vote so we could find ourselves in a similar stalemate in Parliament as we have now.

I have no doubts at all the Tories will win the next election but with this extension expected to happen, the question is, will it be enough?

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