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Topic Originator: hurricane_jimmy  
Date:   Wed 23 Aug 18:38


Early reports showing he was one of 10 on an aircraft downed by Russian Air Defences in Tver, to the North of Moscow.

I guess falling out the windows was getting a bit exhausted...

Couldn`t have happened to a nice bloke right enough!
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 Re: Prigozhin
Topic Originator: Buspasspar  
Date:   Wed 23 Aug 19:10

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin was on the passenger list of a jet which crashed killing all on board, Russia`s civil aviation authority has said.

Earlier, Wagner-linked Telegram channel Grey Zone reported the Embraer aircraft was shot down by air defences in the Tver region, north of Moscow.

The jet, which was flying from the capital to St Petersburg, was carrying seven passengers and three crew.

Prigozhin led a failed mutiny against the Russian armed forces in June.
Grey Zone said local residents heard two bangs before the crash and saw two vapour trails.

Tass news agency said the plane, a private Embraer Legacy, caught fire on hitting the ground, adding that four bodies had already been found.
The aircraft had been in the air for less than half an hour, it said.

Does on the passenger list mean he was actually on the plane ?
Now saying 8 bodies found

We are forever shaped by the Children we once were
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 Re: Prigozhin
Topic Originator: Raymie the Legend  
Date:   Wed 23 Aug 20:22

Nobody is really surprised, are they ? I am surprised he boarded that jet, mind you.

It`s bloody tough being a legend
Ron Atkinson - 1983
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 Re: Prigozhin
Topic Originator: parathletic  
Date:   Wed 23 Aug 20:34

Did he actually board it though? That hasn`t been confirmed I don`t think? His name was on the passenger list is all I heard.He was in Africa earlier in the week.
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