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 Font colours and snowflake gifs
Topic Originator: buffy  
Date:   Tue 5 Oct 10:01

Dearest Milo
One has been requesting the above for the updates for some time now.
Any chance my wishes could be fulfilled by your fantastic techno skills.
Yours, aye
PS you’re my favourite dotnetter, if that helps ;-)

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 Re: Font colours and snowflake gifs
Topic Originator: Milos Drizzle  
Date:   Tue 5 Oct 10:56

Lol. I'm assuming you're talking about the iOS version.

You can see elsewhere on this forum that I've got my work cut out just stopping it from crashing. As I've said previously, I'm not happy with how it has been built (it runs slowly, and as we've seen, is not robust). Ideally, I'd like to re-write it properly (with more features than the current version), and is something I'm tempted to embark on, but am acutely aware that Brian could replace the web site at any point, which would render the apps useless unless and until we can update them work with the new platform.

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 Re: Font colours and snowflake gifs
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Tue 5 Oct 17:57

yes indeed, I have been looking at updating the forum.

however, I don`t have an intention of breaking what you have so all the back end stuff and database will remain the same for the apps

I will email you one on subject though.

contact: email me
File Share: https://share2.co.uk
ParsTV: https://ParsTV.co.uk
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