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 Nature Corner 3
Topic Originator: onandupthepars  
Date:   Wed 15 Aug 14:18

We've got a big bed of heathers in the front garden. I was tidying it up a bit when a wee frog jumped out onto the top of a low clump. "O my word!" I thought, "You're beau - ooo - tiful!"

There's no fresh water near that I can think of; I have a friend about half a mile away has a pond - maybe it came from there. "Well if you can live there (among my heathers) - you're welcome," I thought and left it alone.

It was only about an inch and a half long, not full grown. I've seen them about half an inch, at which stage they're perfect miniatures of the adults, like superb wee Faberge things.

This is it (Internet picture). '3 cm long. In its second year.'

Common frog, should be called "Exquisite frog."

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 Re: Nature Corner 3
Topic Originator: Milos Drizzle  
Date:   Wed 15 Aug 19:16

Seen quite a few wee frogs in the back grass when I got it turfed, had to be very careful not to hit them. Not so much the last year or so. Did see a bigger frog in the back garden a couple of weeks back, and a dead one (well, um, I hope it was already dead...) that I hit with mower at the edge of the shrubs in the front garden a few days back. No water near me as far as I'm aware! Guess there are loads of insects and stuff for them to eat. Cool wee things.
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 Re: Nature Corner 3
Topic Originator: onandupthepars  
Date:   Thu 16 Aug 00:17

Yeh I think common frogs spend most of their lives out of water. They need it to breed in. I didn't realise it took them so long to reach breeding age: 2 to 3 years.
I love 'em, and newts, they have a look of being slow-witted so it's hard to think of them as predators. I suppose catching a slug isn't too much of a challenge but apparently they've got enough wits and know-how to get bugs and worms as well.

Common Frog:https://www.froglife.org/info-advice/amphibians-and-reptiles/common-frog-2/
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