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 The value of stuff.
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Tue 25 Sep 12:09

I'm a bargain hunt fan and I have moved house several times. The latest move was a significant downsize, selling the family home and moving into a wee bungalow.
I tried car boots and auctions to get rid of surplus "STUFF".
The car boots were murder. Nobody wants to pay much more than 50p for anything regardless of quality.
I tried the auction for bigger stuff and it was crazy.
I had an Ercol extending dining table with 8 chairs and an Ercol Welsh dresser.
Dark furniture just isn't in vogue just now but it was quality stuff, really well made. It needed some restoration but it was quality furniture.

The dining table and chairs went for £85 and the dresser went for £30.
Well. Its only worth what folk are willing to pay I guess.
Next episode of Bargain Hunt I watch I see a small enamel bird broach going for more than the Ercol Dresser and not much less than the dining furniture. It wasn't even gold or silver.

Its weird how people value stuff.

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 Re: The value of stuff.
Topic Originator: Berkey  
Date:   Tue 25 Sep 13:52

cool story bro.......

I've found gumtree pretty good for selling and buying, usual time wasters but generally get rid of everything after a few weeks......

Just sitting here drenched in my own negativity!

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 Re: The value of stuff.
Topic Originator: shrek par  
Date:   Tue 25 Sep 17:54

On the flipside of the coin parrot, was bidding on a light coloured Ercol display cabinet last week and bowed out at 230 quid. It went for a fair bit more. The Ercol pebble coffee tables in good nick in a light colour are 400 plus. Anything with stilt legs made by g plan or mackintosh in a light teak colour is fetching telephone numbers in london yet sells for comparative buttons up here. Although too many idiots buying classic pieces and " upcycling " them taking them out the life cycle and forcing prices up.

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