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 Making a Murderer 2
Topic Originator: Dalgety_Par  
Date:   Fri 26 Oct 12:23

What are everyone's thoughts? I wasn't sure after series 1, but now I am certain they are both innocent. Granted, Steven Avery is a bit of a scumbag, but he has been really harshly treated with this particular crime.

It's common knowledge that Lionel Messi kept a photo of Hamish French by his bedside as inspiration every morning!
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 Re: Making a Murderer 2
Topic Originator: desparado  
Date:   Sat 27 Oct 12:52

Just finished watching series two. Has to be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever.

No physical evidence at all against Steven Averys nephew, only a coerced confession.

Without that confession Avery would never have been found guilty.

A witness who saw the victims car on a main road away from Averys property. He reports it to one of the bent cops and he never follows up on it.mmmm?

Again this evidence would have acquitted both.

The cops definitely fitted him up and they were not even very good at that as there are holes every where in this case.

His new lawyer has new evidence that blows the whole case apart but the authorities in Wisconsin are blocking her at every turn as they are petrified of the consequences if and when both get acquitted.

Got a feeling they both could be locked up for a very long time yet though.

It is incredible really what the cops have gotten away with in both cases.

Avery may be a bit of an oddball but he ain’t no murderer. And he was no rapist either despite spending eighteen years in jail for that crime he did not commit.
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 Re: Making a Murderer 2
Topic Originator: DRFC_no1  
Date:   Mon 29 Oct 16:15

Just finished it as well - have these clowns never seen CSI?!?!

Why were the searches not done by forensic experts? Why the need for 10+ searches over a period of 6 months? Why were Manitowoc Police Officers even allowed beyond the yellow tape? Why was the county coroner not allowed on scene then told to stop getting involved?

How on earth they were locked up in the first place was a complete sham - no blood, anywhere, no key for 3 searches then all of a sudden appears, bones in different locations, no other suspects looked at, no physical evidence against Brendan Dassey, needle in the test tube........absolutely ridiculous they got found guilty.

Problem is the state will fight to cover this up badly because they have f**ked up so badly. And the Federal court seems to be impossible to win in........

The dogs could be there undoing...blood hounds are completely incorruptible and prove where her body went

Think it will eventually come out it was Bobby Dassey that done it and Colbern covered it up with possibly the help of the ex BF/brother. Her family has shown zero emotion through the whole thing makes me think they knew what happened and it wasn’t Avery........

And that Kratz.........how I would not get bored of skelping his head with a chair........smug pr*ck!

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 Re: Making a Murderer 2
Topic Originator: Big T Par  
Date:   Mon 29 Oct 19:54

$38,000,000 reasons why they've done this.

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