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 American Football Tryouts 2019
Topic Originator: tonyreid  
Date:   Tue 1 Jan 19:44

More American Football Tryouts planned to kick off our 2019 and build the team, details below...

FB: https://www.facebook.com/DunfermlineKings/
Web: http://carnegiefootball.com/

Open tryouts for the Dunfermline Kings American Football Team.
Come along and try this fast growing and awesome sport. All sizes, shapes and fitness levels welcome. The nature of American Football means it's a very inclusive sport, as there is truly a place for everyone in the team.
All coaches are qualified and experienced and will take you through some of the fundamentals, such as tackling, blocking, route running, catching etc. in order for you to play the game safely, enjoy the tryout and want more.
Get involved with a great team of guys who will support you and help you get into this amazing game.
All kit provided, except boots and gumshield (available from club £3). Will be on 3G astro surface.
Arrive 30 mins early to get registered and sort out kit. 18+

T. Reid
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 Re: American Football Tryouts 2019
Topic Originator: widtink  
Date:   Tue 1 Jan 19:55

Links fixed.

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