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 Establishing charitable status
Topic Originator: calpar  
Date:   Fri 22 Feb 20:13

More and more i see what i would previously consider a viable money-making scheme, have managed to gain above charitable trust status, then enjoying lucrative non or reduced tax-paying status
Seems to be the latest scam over last decade or so

I’m seriously gonna look into what is needed to establish such, hopefully i too can qualify, you can also transfer all assets in there too, relieving further tax burden

Believe the failed Garden Bridge project that got and somehow spent over £50m of taxpayers money, with heehaw to show for it, had this status too, but somehow all the other donors seem to be able to get their money back, as they conditionally donated, but taxpayers dont get theirs back? Joanna and a whole bunch of her cronies have dined out on their expense for at least 4 years, including a full time employed fundraiser on £54k a year, for 4 day week

They finally handed over the meetings minutes to TFL and are a fairly heavy, but scandalous revelation, in just how much the common tax payer is continually being made a mug of

TFL dont come out any better, they had oppertunity to be at every meeting, whether they attended or not.... but they also failed in their resposibilities to the tax payers as they went along with it all, when they could have been in more control

Where has all the money gone ?
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 Re: Establishing charitable status
Topic Originator: Rastapari  
Date:   Sat 23 Feb 07:00

Like Grenfel, the money was stolen.

I Hope You're Ok Today....
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 Re: Establishing charitable status
Topic Originator: Playup_Pompey  
Date:   Tue 26 Feb 12:44

something close to my heart. Things like Children in Need, Sport Relief etc, huge running costs, paid employees etc and millions sitting in the bank. Not sure thats the purpose of the money donated.

Always hard to establish on the spot etc but certainly lots of local good causes use 99.9% of the funds received for the actual cause they specify.

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