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 Resistance is futile
Topic Originator: Mario  
Date:   Tue 5 Nov 10:25

Just read the review of a book "Don't Be Evil : The case against Big Tech" which describes the imperial power that the corporations of Silicon Valley already has, and continues to develop.
Few examples:-
Google represents 95% of all mobile searches
Whenever Facebook feels threatened by a rival, Zuckerberg simply buys it.eg Instagram, WhatsApp. Same for Google, they have bought out 120 companies in the last decade.
Small company produces surprise best seller on Amazon? Watch out, Amazon will produce a near identical version and flog it for half the price.
Patents? stuff that, employ lobbyists the small innovators can't afford to fight.
300 local papers have closed in the UK since 2007, the national ones are in a circulation death spiral.
They hoover up the academics in certain fields: Google employ most of the world's top data scientists, so it is virtually impossible to interrogate its business model.
And a whole lot more.
Also, read today that in their latest step to World domination Amazon is leasing four acres in the old naval base redevelopment for use as a lorry park..
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