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 Bass guitar
Topic Originator: dd23  
Date:   Fri 15 May 20:15

Hi, can anyone recommend any good online sites for learning the bass guitar?
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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: widtink  
Date:   Fri 15 May 20:23

YouTube... Seriously... Tons of lessons on there

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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: Big T Par  
Date:   Fri 15 May 20:25

Or ultimate guitar for tabs.

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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Fri 15 May 22:09

YouTube. There's loads of great tutorials. Start with simple riffs like Feel Good Inc.
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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: stereo  
Date:   Fri 15 May 22:22

Fender Play are doing 3 month subscription for free and their content is pretty decent. Other than that, You Tube.

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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: Big T Par  
Date:   Fri 15 May 22:43

TBF, though if you are wanting to learn a proper instrument, chuck the bass in the bin, and get yersell a six stringer 😉

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 Re: Bass guitar
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Sat 16 May 09:22


as a fellow bass player (noodled for ages, been learning properly now for about 1yr and playing in a garage band for about 4 months now and doing well), can i advise against youtube vidoes.

they're often not great and if you happen to get a video from a good teacher then it will be an individual thing and not part of a structured learning.

if you don't want to go down the music teacher route (obviously difficult just now), then my advice would be to:

a) register with this site: https://www.studybass.com/
it's free and really good, well structured however the downside is that it's not very exciting, the guy is dull as dishwater - but geniunely force yourself to go through his stuff and you'll develop a good basis of technique

b) this is the fun bit - learn a few songs you like with tabs
note that tabs are ok, they're not always accurate and they may sometimes have the right notes but they're not always suggesting the right place to play them and they don't help you with technique or efficient way to actually play them (fingers to use etc)... however, there's nothing like the buzz of playing along with something or starting to bang out something recognisable.
so my advice with tabs would be, use them, blend them in with studybass.com tutorials but most importantly, it's better to be able to play a song correctly at half speed, than kinda get it right at full speed. you can always speed up correct technique when you get it nailed
Note-if you have a tablet then the songster app is really good, it costs under a tenner (the pc website version is about a tenner a month) and you can slow stuff right down and play along with it
the other thing i'd say about tabs is try not to just learn the string/fret number combinations, but learn the notes you are playing (that will come in super handy when you start playing with other folk)

c) it may sound dull but practice and re-practice simple exercises, major scales, minor scales, blues scales etc. get it to the point where your fingers know where to go. (lemmy & co aside) the bass is essentially a one note instrument, so you have to be able to mute all other strings and clearly play the one note... which means it's not forgiving, but it also means that you need to play notes that relate to the melody instruments your accompanying, which is where scales come in.
also when you learn songs as part of item b), think about where they are in the scale.... you'll be surprised how many cool basslines are just playing notes in the one scale (note they may play it in different locations so when you get a basic scale nailed, look at how you could play it in different ways and how the different strings play the same note in a slightly different tone) suddenly you don't have to learn these songs, you just know them and it also makes it real easy to switch between octaves and/or other keys

d) little and often. 2x 10mins per day, every day is better than 2hrs on a saturday. so break up your practice into exercises, tutorials and fun stuff/songs throughout the day/week

e) if you want to gamify your experience even more, you could order rocksmith for the PC (you need to get the special real tone cable for it to work) - think guitar hero but with actual guitars and bass. you can get some fun songs to play along with and it's easily modded to open up a whole other catalogue (give us a shout if you go down that road). you can get it for xbox/ps4 but i think there's a latency issue which you can fix but i don't know much about it (the sound has to go from your guitar, to your console, through the HDMI cable to your telly and out the tv speaker - but there is a setting somewhere to fix it)

i think when you have built a decent technique and are comfortable with the basics then i'd start to consider looking at stuff from https://www.bassbuzz.com/
but not sure i'd pay for it as i'd rather spend the money on a few lessons (but maybe after i'm about half way through studybass to get technique pointers)

edited to say that i'm going to have another run through some of the studybass.com stuff as it's been a while so good to just loop back round and make sure my basics are still ok and not too many bad habits have creeped in! :)

Post Edited (Sat 16 May 09:34)
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