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 Smoking Deaths
Topic Originator: DulochConvert  
Date:   Thu 4 Jun 05:21

Interesting read from NHS on smoking related deaths.

2018 figures are the latest I can find published,
439,300 Hospital admissions
77,800 Deaths

Pretty sure that these deaths figures age ratio are not 85% over 75 like Covid.

So economically we have forced the population into house arrest and probably created the worst recession in history for a disease that isn’t as deadly as smoking. We had 3 years debate in stopping it in pubs!
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 Re: Smoking Deaths
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Thu 4 Jun 07:06

We don't all smoke though so that debate is about personal freedom vs the nanny state... People who start smoking may not realise it at the time, but they're putting themselves on that very path... plus it takes a long time to get there. If you remember that debate, there were lots of people who said the state shouldn't get involved and people can decide themselves if they want to smoke.

Difference is, I'm not going to catch smoking because the person next to me coughs or touches the same door handle before me. The thousands of medically at risk people weren't going to catch smoking and be seriously ill straight away.

The way I read your post, you seem to be suggesting we shouldn't have bothered trying to prevent the spread and focused on saving the economy instead?... but how many would have potentially died if we didn't do anything?... and is that number really worth doing nothing so folk can still go to the shops and buy stuff they don't really need?

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 Re: Smoking Deaths
Topic Originator: LochgellyAlbert  
Date:   Thu 4 Jun 10:05

After the Dispatches programme last night it basically said that the Government weren't going to bother their er*e about Coronavirus.

Some of the early press conferences from BJ were comical if it wasn't so serious!
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 Re: Smoking Deaths
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Thu 4 Jun 12:02

If smoking killed you and others around you within 2 to 3 weeks it probably would be banned immediately which would be an equivalent of a vaccine.
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 Re: Smoking Deaths
Topic Originator: da_no_1  
Date:   Thu 4 Jun 14:12

Half the country clearly isn't bothering about Coronavirus

"Some days will stay a 1000 years, some pass like the flash of a spark"

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