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 Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Mon 20 Jul 07:57

I (along with my middle one) were planning to go to the Wales rally this year, but as its cancelled we have bought tickets for knockhill instead (which are saying will be on)

Realise this year may be a bit different, but it's been years and years since I was last there so wondering if anyone had suggestions on how best to spend the day there, where to stand or sit, where to eat (or bring your own), so you still get freebies from the teams, etc?
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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: dafc01  
Date:   Mon 20 Jul 10:53

Go up every year. Great day out. I go up for the full day to catch all the races. Take your own food up. Usually very busy. Not sure how much of a crowd will be allowed up this year. You can walk all the way round to get different viewing spots. Large tvs around the site so you can see what's happening at all parts of the track.
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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: widtink  
Date:   Mon 20 Jul 11:28

Top tips from me...
Take plenty food and drink cos its expensive to buy there... Take plenty wet/warm clothing even if the forecast is for roasty toastyness as knockhill has its own micro weather system... Trust me. It can be melting one minute and sideways rain the next.
Take sensible footwear... Boots or wellies preferably and leave another set of footwear in the car for when it's all over as what your wearing will most likely be covered in mud (weather depending).
Get there as early as you can... The traffic on touring car day (and bsb day) is nothing short of pandemonium.
There used to be a bus shuttle service from various car parks elsewhere so you could park and ride type thing but I'm not sure if this is still the case.. If it is I would use it.
If you want to see crashes... Plonk yourself just below Duffus dip at Mcintyres or Butchers . It also gives you a pretty decent view of everything from the end of the straight to just past the chicane.
Or there's plenty of contact usually at Taylors (the hairpin) and again you have decent vision of the railway straight and the main straight.
And lastly... Watch the support races... Some of them are epic.
When I was a knockhill regular they used to have the clio cup as one of the support races and it was always good. A lot of folk avoid the support races and only watch the main event races so there's usually plenty of viewing places during these races.
Once the touring cars are imminent on track it gets busy again so if you find a nice wee spot to view from and you like it... Stay there... Cos if you leave.. You won't get that spot back.
If your driving to the track... Or leaving the track... There's police everywhere so watch your speed.
Countless folk watch the racing then come over all John Cleland (look him up if you don't know ) on the way home and get points on their licence for their troubles.

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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: back oh the net  
Date:   Tue 21 Jul 22:10

Like dafc and widders say take your own food and drink warm/wet clothing is a must you get good views all round the track a favourite of mine is right at the bottom of the dip just as they tackle the chicane

Come on ye pars ⚽️
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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: shrek par  
Date:   Tue 21 Jul 22:59

You used to be able to go up on the Thursday and Friday when they were testing/practising. Got some cracking photos from the inside of duffus dip by the Marshall point from about 3ft from the edge of the track one year. Got one somewhere of Rickard Rydell bottoming the 850 estate out on the bottom of McIntyres and the titanium rubbing strips sparking(no digital cameras in them days)was good waiting for the pics coming back from the lab and finding a few good ones out of ten 36 exposure rolls. Derek Warwick even turned up at the racewall on the Saturday night and done a few laps in an F2 stockcar one year. Some real characters in the field over the years.

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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: Frank Butchers LoveHandles  
Date:   Wed 22 Jul 01:32

I done the Touring Cars at Knockhill in 2014 for the first and only time so far. Superb experience and would reccomend it to anyone. Really good value for money.

Awight Pat!
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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: allparone  
Date:   Thu 30 Jul 09:34

I can’t see spectators being allowed in to this event now unfortunately although it may still go ahead without spectators.


Since I posted this the FM has said that there may be some sporting events that allow spectators before the 14th of September. An outdoor event like this will hopefully be considered.

Post Edited (Thu 30 Jul 18:55)
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 Re: Knockhill Touring Cars
Topic Originator: thaldane  
Date:   Thu 30 Jul 20:12

Knockhill have just put an update up about the touring cars on Facebook - they have a proposal in with SportScotland and the Scottish Government and await further information from them so have suspended ticket sales in the meantime
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