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 Youth punishment
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Tue 9 Mar 18:08

There's been a fair bit of vandalism recently where the perpetrators have been apprehended by the police. Does being caught help? I know little of our legal system but is it that your convictions are wiped at 18?

What I'm wondering is whether fines, slaps on wrists or community service (not sure under 18s are allowed community service) work. Children can't be named but I'm sure their names are know locally. Do daft laddies stop being daft laddies, or does being tarred as a daft laddie stick with them for life?
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 Re: Youth punishment
Topic Originator: shrek par  
Date:   Wed 10 Mar 00:02

I"m a committee member of a club that has been affected by this current wave of vandalism. The persons involved were caught within 8hrs and a sterling job done by the local Constabulary and Fire Brigade. Having had a club zoom meeting about the damage this evening, our president said that he had been asked what he wanted to happen to the persons who had committed the vandalism by kingdom FM. He replied that restorative punishment would suit best as it would give them the chance to see the effect it had and to face those affected by their actions first hand.
I believe there is a wiping of the slate at some point with regards to age. I would argue for this to continue, but with a restorative element to their actions at a younger age say 14+. A kid may be off the rails for a multitude of reasons and not all of them under their control.
On the positive side as a result of their actions, the wider community has rallied round , and offers of help and donations from near and far have restored all faith in humanity. Pretty humbling to see the generosity of people towards a small,local sports club tbh.

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 Re: Youth punishment
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Wed 10 Mar 08:06

That's good news. Would also agree with having the perpetrators be involved in resolving the issues they cause (where possible and appropriate).
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 Re: Youth punishment
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Wed 10 Mar 14:53

Agreed. Good post

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