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 Relaunch - Keith Brown Pars Fan Loan Fund
Topic Originator: Raymie the Legend  
Date:   Tue 10 Aug 15:57

Topic Originator: parforthecourse
Date: Thu 11 Feb 07:38

We are pleased to say the Pars Fan Loan Fund is now available.
The fan-funded and fan-run fund, with no association to DAFC, is available to provide loans of up to £100 to fellow pars fans, interest free.
Donj, Oz, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and myself have put up a small amount, which will allow us to see if there`s a demand for the fund.
There is enough funding available for a few loans.
Others are very welcome to join us in putting money in.
There are some light conditions attached to obtaining a loan, for the protection of the borrower.
If you need a loan, or want to put money in, then please email parsfanloanfund@gmail.com for details.

As some of you may know, Keith suddenly passed away recently and it was his idea to start up a small loan fund for the benefit of Pars fans, who may be experiencing short term financial difficulties.

The idea was that the loan fund could tide them over for free, rather than having to resort to some other loan, which would incur huge interest rates and increase stress and debt.

So far, we have been able to help some of our fellow Pars fans.

The remaining members have decided to carry on with this great initiative and in Keith`s memory, the loan fund now includes his name.

If you need a short term loan, please send an email, explaining your situation to:-


If you would like to join the group and put some money in, then please feel free to drop a line to the same address.

thank you

It's bloody tough being a legend
Ron Atkinson - 1983
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 Re: Relaunch - Keith Brown Pars Fan Loan Fund
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Tue 10 Aug 16:02

Thanks for picking this up Raymie and running it. It's really good of you.
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