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 any advice on digital notebooks or tablets
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Tue 16 Nov 10:03

looking for any posters who know about writing digitally to let me know their thoughts...

so I write a lot - I am in meetings most of the day and like to hand write notes and actions. in study quite a bit in my own time, so write loads of notes (and to help me remember things - will write out stuff as revision over and over again)
I do make the odd related sketch - not artistic sketch but things like little diagrams as part of revision etc.

all this means I go through lots of paper and I end up with A4 folders everywhere - so thinking of going digital but have no clue (I`ve tried typing notes and while I can actually touch type - thanks mavis beacon - it doesn`t work for me for learning or thinking while I`m putting things down on paper)

the ideal scenario for me would be to have a tablet and a pen and write away as normal and for that to end up on the computer in digital form. that way I could catalogue / store the output if I wanted to. if it could translate my handwriting into actual text as well that would be cool

I have had a look but there seems to be expensive digital notebooks like the remarkable2 or full blown tablets like iPad or there`s cheaper pen/grahpic tablets that plug into computer but seem to be used more for artistic drawing?

any one else do this and have experience / ideas to help point me in the right direction?

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