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 Cyber Security - Work Experience
Topic Originator: Bigfoot  
Date:   Mon 14 Feb 13:30

Hi All,

A big favour to ask.

My son is currently in his fifth year and looking to pursue a degree in cyber security.

With this in mind, he is looking for a company that could offer a schoolkid some experience in the field of IT over the summer months and perhaps part-time (weekends going into the following academic year).

Ideally this would be in cyber security but, given the nature of the subject matter, I suspect this would be somewhat problematical. So anything to do with computing hardware and/or software might be a starting point.


Jesus saves, but Kirk nets rebound
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 Re: Cyber Security - Work Experience
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Tue 15 Feb 00:02


that post may be of interest

contact: email me
File Share: https://share2.co.uk
ParsTV: https://ParsTV.co.uk
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