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 Ancient Flying Phooey
Topic Originator: onandupthepars  
Date:   Fri 4 Mar 22:17

Did anyone watch this programme about so-called ancient flying machines?

My wife believes it. She said to me, `I saw it.`
I said, ` just because you saw something on the telly, doesny mean it`s true.`
She insisted, ``It is true, I saw it.`

That was dead weird, because only yesterday we had both watched a Russian woman saying she didn`t believe Russia is attacking Ukraine, because Putin said he wouldn`t, and what he says is true.

Anyway, I rewound the flying machines programme, and I can see how some folk are taken in. For example, it shows a `photograph` of a so-called Indian flying machine that flew `before the Wright brothers even started`?

It looks a bit like a banana-shaped effort (or Zeppelin) made of wicker.

I said, `how could that fly? They maybe fired it out of a rocket and called it flying. Or it`s a fake photie. Or, it`s not even a fake photie: it`s a wee model hanging from a string, held in front of the camera, so it looks like it`s flying.`

Don`t think my wife believes me, she`d rather believe them.

The programme also shows a so-called scientist testing what he says is a 3D printed model, of an ancient flying machine design, in a wind tunnel. Sure enough, there`s a degree of lift. Sure enough, it`s aerodynamic. (Thinks:Yeh, a torpedo is aerodynamic, but it doesn`t fly. Any wee model like that in a wind tunnel, is gonna register some lift - don`t mean it can fly.) He said something like, `That proves it`s aerodynamic, it`s got lift, just like an aeroplane.` (Yeh, but it ain`t got no wings! An aircraft fuselage is aerodynamic, but it aint gonna fly, until it`s got wings or another means of lift and propulsion.)

How can I not believe a man with an Einstein type hair-do - or is it son of Ken Dodd?


I think these programmes are bad for the world. More lies. If you can believe an ancient banana-shaped contraption without wings, means of lift or propulsion could fly - or an ancient so-called flying machine design would work just on the basis of some nonsense about being aerodynamic - it`s not a very big step till you might believe every word your leader, or TV tells you.

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 Re: Ancient Flying Phooey
Topic Originator: The One Who Knocks  
Date:   Fri 4 Mar 22:35

Fun fact. The Wright Brothers first powered flight traveled a distance that is less than the wing span of a 747.

I wouldn`t say such programs are as bad as you say. They are throwaway nonsense for entertainment purposes and in some cases generate interest among folk for the subject. There is definetly though a push against science coming from some quarters. You seen it with resistance to covid suppression measures and you definetly see with doubts over climate change. Now who would benefit from us not taking heed of the scientific data that is telling us how bad things will be if we keep burning 90 million barrels of oil every single day?

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 Re: Ancient Flying Phooey
Topic Originator: onandupthepars  
Date:   Fri 4 Mar 22:54

What has it come to? In the old days there were folk like these you could trust.

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 Re: Ancient Flying Phooey
Topic Originator: onandupthepars  
Date:   Fri 4 Mar 23:44

Rather than making myself miserable thinking about the times we live in, right now I prefer looking up jokes by the Goons.

Here`s one* for all you Goon fans:

`Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, instead of offering cigarettes to smoke, gave strange items such as gorillas, brass instruments, and pictures of Queen Victoria. Neddie Seagoon would often decline: "Have a Gorilla?" "No thanks, I`m trying to give them up." Later in the show this might be followed with "Have a Gorilla?" "No thanks, I`ve just put one out."

*quoted from:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goon_Show_running_jokes

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