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 Driverless Bus
Topic Originator: Parboiled  
Date:   Mon 25 Apr 09:51

Being trialled from today twixt Ferrytoll and Edinburgh rail and tram interchange.

Not really driverless though, as when fully operational it will not only have a driver to monitor systems but also a “Bus Captain” … to hold nervous passengers hands maybe, and tackle fires which worryingly are far more frequent nowadays than when the old busses now retired to Lathalmond were manned by fearsome Kelty Clippies!

Anyway, a presumably far more expensive vehicle and double the crew doesn’t make much economic sense to me!

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 Re: Driverless Bus
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Mon 25 Apr 13:54

I saw this earlier and it won`t save any money until they`re through all these tests. Right now they`ll still need a driver to intervene if the bus does anything stupid.

I imagine at some point the buses will be fully automated. Visions of "Thanks driver..." followed by something Kitt from Knight Rider saying "Aye nae bother, pal".

Maybe in future we`ll have Johnny Cabs like in Total Recall. Though that film never made sense as the first taxi was driven by a real guy and the second by a robot driver.
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