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 Dementia Friends
Topic Originator: PARrot  
Date:   Mon 12 Sep 09:51

On the way down to Heathrow on the coach I had guy sit next to me. He started chatting to me about his footballing prowess when he was young. Quite a bawheid I thought, until he said a few more things that led me to realise he had dementia.

In between snoozing he chatted away repeating himself and coming up with evermore fanciful stories. Occasionally he got a bit worked up and a wee bit agressive at what he percieved to be bad driving from other traffic on the motorway.

If I hadn't realised the issue I might have changed my seat.
I worked with my wife for a couple of years, pre-covid, doing art sessions in care homes. We were booked solid from Feb to Christmas but the homes closing due to covid ended the business.
In that time I got a lot of invaluable experience in dealing with dementia sufferers which helped me understand and assist this guy.

If you would like to know a bit more about dementia and become a dementia friend. Follow this link.
You can attend a meeting or just watch a few short videos. Its not about becoming an expert. Just some info on how you can recognise the symptoms and maybe make a difference to someones life on occasion.


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