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 Driving convictions
Topic Originator: TAFKA_Super_Petrie  
Date:   Sun 5 Mar 10:21

Having a wee look over stories from last couple of weeks and saw this.


Killed someone and gets a 6 year jail sentence and a 13 year ban.


Kills someone and gets 100 hours community service and a 12 month ban.

Appreciate it isn`t directly comparible and there is a hell of a lot more to it than that given there is a difference to `death by dangerous` versus `death by careless` and the relevant sentencing guidelines but how the f__k can they be so lenient in regards to the latter ?


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 Re: Driving convictions
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Sun 5 Mar 11:03

First one was a result of the dad driving like an idiot. Might argue that losing his son was enough punishment. An example of someone who should never be allowed to drive again.

The second one sounds to me like a genuine accident caused by someone with poor driving skills. The fact she can`t remember the accident is concerning. Could be caused by trauma or could be due to age and perhaps being unfit to drive.

If it were up to me, I`d have a genuine retest of drivers every 15 years with that reducing to every 5 as the person gets older. Just yesterday I observed a woman holding her phone under her chin (why?!) whilst driving. Didn`t bother indicating so left me sat at the roundabout like an idiot whilst she went on her merry way gabbing to her pal no doubt.
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 Re: Driving convictions
Topic Originator: sadindiefreak  
Date:   Sun 5 Mar 13:02

The guy was speeding at 137mph to get away from the police.
The woman looks to have zoned out for a few seconds.
While her sentence is fairly light these two cases are in no way comparable.
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 Re: Driving convictions
Topic Originator: widtink  
Date:   Sun 5 Mar 13:35

Trauma can cause memory loss.
I was in a car accident in the late 80s and to this day I still can`t remember a thing about it .
It`s weird but it`s been so long now that I don`t think the memory of that day is ever coming back.
And no ...I wasn`t driving... merely a passenger.

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