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 Ken the Bruce
Topic Originator: Parboiled  
Date:   Mon 6 Mar 11:13

Has departed BBC and taken Pop Master with him. Coming soon to Greatest Hits radio. No doubt he will take a huge following with him.

Beeb had just had first edition of replacement - Ten to the Top, 10 questions score I point for first, 2 for second and so on, but get one wrong and you start again, ie get first three right you have 6 points get fourth one wrong and you keep your six points but get number five right you don’t get 5 points you just get one, then 2 if you get number six right, then number seven wrong back you go again to ….and that’s my first and last go at that.

For those who didn’t do the old one it was ten questions, seven at 3 points each, 3 double points bonuses, on subject of your choice from two alternatives, 6 points each, max score 39. Nice and simple.

I Rarely missed the old quiz even though Mrs P whupped me 9 times out of 10, and I could easily keep score in my heid when driving. Not this one though, pen and paper a must!

Anyone else give it a go?

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 Re: Ken the Bruce
Topic Originator: red-star-par  
Date:   Mon 6 Mar 16:22

Ken was brilliant on his show, during the Lockdown period when I was working from home, his cheery demeanour was like a visit from an old pal every day. Pop Master is a brilliant game, I used to play it every day I could. I always fancied applying to be on it, but I could just as easy score 3 as 33.
I briefly turned on Radio 2, and it was playing some kind of Bangra music or something, I`ll be following Ken over to his new station and I`d imagine a large part of his audience will too
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 Re: Ken the Bruce
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Mon 6 Mar 19:01

Radio 2 is slowly becoming 90s Radio 1. To be expected I suppose but where do those who are old before our time go to listen to decent music and DJs who are interesting? 6 Music?

Not sure I can listen to "Greatest Hits radio" without feeling like an old fart!
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 Re: Ken the Bruce
Topic Originator: Parboiled  
Date:   Mon 6 Mar 22:47

I only managed to get 30 twice, and zero a lot more than twice!

Mrs P would answer the most obscure questions. I suspect she was listening to pirate stations when doing the ironing...

A pity it came to this parting of the ways, it was notable that Ken was often warmly thanked by listeners for being good company during the covid dark days.

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