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 Emma Raducanu
Topic Originator: Buspasspar  
Date:   Mon 8 Jan 16:47

More coaches than East coast buses .. 9 and counting

Emma Raducanu has reunited with childhood coach Nick Cavaday in time for the Australian Open where she will play her first Grand Slam for a year.

The 2021 US Open champion, sidelined for much of 2023 after ankle and wrist surgeries, has been working with a series of LTA coaches since returning to the practice courts in October.

The 21-year-old has had a sequence of short-lived coaches since turning professional, but it is understood both she and Cavaday have the desire to work together beyond the Australian Open.

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 Re: Emma Raducanu
Topic Originator: Raymie the Legend  
Date:   Mon 8 Jan 21:08

She’s been badly advised since she won the us open.
Not sure who is responsible for that but 9 coaches in 27 months is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder she has tumbled down the rankings and I’d be willing to bet some of the injuries she has had have been made up

It`s bloody tough being a legend
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 Re: Emma Raducanu
Topic Originator: Bandy  
Date:   Mon 8 Jan 23:07

I think she`s a very smart cookie (not sure I know many 21 year olds with a bunch of A*s at A-Level that speak 3 completely different languages), which I think is something of a hindrance. Apparently she`s difficult to coach because she struggles to follow instructions without having a deep understanding of them - so she`s questions a lot of the things the coaches suggest, which frustrates the coaches and, equally, makes it hard for Raducanu to execute plans to which she`s not 100% committed.

That said, she`s been very unlucky with injuries too - I hope the surgery works for her.

I think if she can find the right coaching relationship, and stays injury free, she`ll be a top player - she`s got all the ingredients, just needs some things to fall into place.

I`ll certainly be rooting for her.

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 Re: Emma Raducanu
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Mon 8 Jan 23:11

I feel sorry for her with all the media attention she attracts and it will get worse when Andy Murray retires.

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