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 Football Forum   Posts: 33263     Latest: 25-09-2018

The forum more Pars fans use to chat about DAFC than anywhere else on the web! All are welcome, just keep it good natured, please watch the language! Any inappropriate post will be deleted [no questions asked, by posting you agree to the rules]
 Off Topic   Posts: 7730     Latest: 24-09-2018

This forum is for other stories not directly related to football, any story not suitable for the Football Forum will be moved to this forum by Admin. The usual rules apply though!
 Admin Issues   Posts: 401     Latest: 21-09-2018

If you have any problems with the site post here. If we have any issues we wish to inform you of then we will also post here. Do not post to ask about cards that have been given or posts removed.
 Supporters Team   Posts: 53     Latest: 09-05-2018

This forum can be used for all posts connected with the DAFC Supporters Team.
 Sticky   Posts: 1474     Latest: 12-06-2017

This forum is where we will move all the good posts and info (including FAQ's] that tends to get lost. Only admin will be allowed to post here, but anybody can view them. Load Photo's for sharing use www.share2.co.uk and mark as tag 'dafc.net'
 Squealadeal Prediction League   Posts: 87     Latest: 03-09-2018

Forum for the this seasons Squealadeal Prediction League. All fixtures and results posted in here.
 Pars Trading Floor   Posts: 73     Latest: 16-09-2018

Buy and Sell Pars programmes, strips and other merchandise.
 Politics Forum   Posts: 2025     Latest: 24-09-2018

After the independence forum people still want to discuss politics.
 New Jokes Forum   Posts: 254     Latest: 24-09-2018

A forum for a bit of fun. remember that anything we think unsuitable will be removed. Simple!
 Movie/TV/Music/Games   Posts: 56     Latest: 20-09-2018

forum to talk about Movies, TV, Music or Games. Forum still being tested
 Betting   Posts: 630     Latest: 18-09-2018

This forum is for you to chat to others about betting. Just don't take it seriously :o) You need to be 18 or over to use this forum.
 Food Forum   Posts: 176     Latest: 23-08-2018

The Food Forum is back.
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57ann anderson
50Donald Adamson
48GF69 .
47Neil Holland
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