Dunfermline Athletic

Pars the Nickname

Date: Friday, 16th Jun 2000

There are many theories as to the origin of this famous nickname "The Pars".

Here we explore a few of the possibilities: we`ll leave it up to you to decide which is the most plausible!

The majority of present day supporters consider the name Pars to be a derivative of the shout "Paralytics" which has been the cry from the terracings during the all to often spells of indifferent form. Others have suggested that Athletic were a very physical team and "paralysed" their opponents by virtue of their rough play.

No matter which may be the correct reason for the Pars, each theory has its exponents who are convinced that theirs is right. Few seem to agree and some solutions sound decidedly fishy - like the suggestion that the team were named after young salmon - parr- which have black and white stripes. What is clear though is that the nickname has borne the test of time and vastly changing fortunes.

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