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Pars the Nickname
By dafc.net - Fri, 16th Jun 2000

Jamie A Miller submitted this-

I was on holiday this weekend in a country lodge in Pitlochry. On the wall dating back to before the 1930`s was a map called "FIFE AE PARS OCCIDENNIAL" with the translation underneath "The West Part Of Fife" .

I thought it was Latin but I took it out the original frame (hope no one checks) and the writing on the back looked Dutch to me. I know a little Norwegian so it wasn`t that I think it was Dutch. It struck me as odd that the word Pars next to West Fife was there??

Maybe we were once known as Fife Pars occidennials team from West Fife???

What does anyone think?

Could I have stumbled across something or does anyone know different??

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