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 Single issue election
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 18:58

Every party is promising billions for the NHS, police, fire etc. and there's clearly some irony here as the Tories are essentially putting back money they took out in the first place. But really we're looking at one single issue - brexit or no brexit. So in Scotland we typically have:

Conservative - Leave
Labour - We may leave but we'll wait and see
Lib Dems - Remain
SNP - Remain and leave the UK

So fairly likely we'll see seats for the SNP, Libs and a handful for Labour and the Tories.

In England they lack the SNP option. They voted more like 60/40 for leaving so you'd expect a decent number for the Tories but if more people are now voting remain then it's a confusing choice between an indecisive Labour and an unknown Lib Dems.

Basically, it probably isn't as clear cut as they think it is.
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 Re: Single issue election
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 19:01

The Tories and the Brexit party ruled out another EU referendum but they're turning the election into one.
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 Re: Single issue election
Topic Originator: Buspasspar  
Date:   Wed 13 Nov 19:18

jake89..... wheesht min they don't know this yet :-)

They (Dominic and the Tory's) are gambling that the leave voters will support and vote for them
But many leavers are now remainers as they now realise they were misled and lied to

Which comes back to your post .... Who do they vote for ?
Any vote in England for the Lib Dems, Greens, Indy etc rather than a Labour vote is a shoe in for Dominic's laddie

Factor in Farage who doesn't know if he wants a shi*e or an orange and it gets worse

Divide and Conquer ..... works every time :-(

We are forever shaped by the Children we once were

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