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 Chris Grayling
Topic Originator: Buspasspar  
Date:   Thu 17 Sep 09:16

No a bad wee number :-

Ex-Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has landed a £100,000 job advising the owner of some of the UK's top ports.

The Conservative MP is working for Hutchison Ports, which operates Harwich and Felixstowe among other terminals.

According to the MPs' register of financial interests, he will be paid for seven hours work a week for a year.

Lets hope the terms and conditions are copied from a Pizza Takeaway
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 Re: Chris Grayling
Topic Originator: londonparsfan  
Date:   Thu 17 Sep 11:21

Ports looking to diversify away from having ships?
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 Re: Chris Grayling
Topic Originator: OzPar  
Date:   Thu 17 Sep 11:29

Hutchison Ports is one of the biggest port and terminal operators in the world. I very much doubt that they will be looking to Chris Grayling for advice on ports.

Presumably, the Tory Government is looking to privatise something that Hutchison might just be interested in. So they buy a pollie... that's how these things work... and they shouldn't!!!
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 Re: Chris Grayling
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Thu 17 Sep 13:05

When you see the matters he's not allowed to advise on it's an even better little number for him. His remit is so limited you wonder how HP think they're getting value for money.

''The advisory committee on business appointments said Grayling had reassured them he would not be advising Hutchison Ports on its commercial maritime activities, or risks and opportunities associated with Brexit.

The body, which has been criticised for failing to clamp down on the revolving door from parliament to the private sector, said the role would be limited to advising the firm on its environmental strategy and its engagement with local enterprise bodies.

It said the MP must comply with these and other conditions, including a ban on him lobbying ministers on behalf of the company or giving advice on UK government tenders, until July 2021, two years after he left the cabinet.''
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 Re: Chris Grayling
Topic Originator: red-star-par  
Date:   Thu 17 Sep 21:30

I wonder if this payment is not so much a salary paid to him for his vast expertise in issues regarding ports or more the modern equivalent of a brown envelope stuffed full of cash to buy a grubby Politician with a bit of influence
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