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 Re: Edinburgh Airport article
Topic Originator: parsmad68  
Date:   Fri 9 Nov 02:32

Tongue in cheek report but I can imagine a bean counter at Edinburgh thinking some great ideas......
Main problems I have with Edinburgh are
-where the cars enter the drop off area has a crossing. The most ridiculous place to put a crossing for peak traffic flow which can be queued all the way to the A8.
-Trams: slower than the buses....
-Walk through duty free....
- WiFi: in every other country the web access hosts their country name as first e.g. USA will have USA first. UK is in Alphabetical order meaning a scroll through many countries not served by Edinburgh, such as Afghanistan.
- those stupid gates for the bus entrance
- the plan to build more and more around the airport at the old runway, when a perfectly good team line could have been built to the end of the runway....
- lack of public eating areas...
- holidaymakers...
- Ryanair...
- out of control trolley cases...
- whatever new invention of hand drier that they intend to close a public convenience to install....
- toilet cleanliness.....
- gate 4(I think) - the one in a CORRIDOR!!!!!!
- overcrowded buses after leaving the plane....
- travellers not being able to read simple instructions for E-Gates....
- overcrowded passport hall
- passport hall staff who really have no clue what they are doing
- fat arrogant businessmen that loudly tell the staff with no clue how they don’t have a clue.
- the mokka chokka wokka coffee people who take 5 minutes to get a coffee when all I want is a simple cup of tea.....
- the smell of smoke continually as you leave the airport building.....
- the overcrowded main checking hall making it look like Going home at Chinese New Year...
- Ryanair, again, for good measure...
- wetherspoon’s carpet.....
- Wetherspoon’s queuing system....
- bus drivers to Fife with no change
- bus drivers to Fife with no change shouting at foreign nationals that they have no change.....
- bus drivers to Fife with no change getting grumpy at passengers donating money to foreign nationals that have no change, so they can get on the bloody bus....
- the 747 bus service that genuinely feels like you are in a magical mystery tour.
- the long stay Scotpark driver who has genuine body odour problems, and I am sure he does it as he hates all other passengers more than I do.
- the waiting time for any of the long stay car park buses.
- the second mortgage I had to take out when paying for weekend parking without booking ahead.
- pick your tray up after it being security checked. It is easy. Just pick it up, or all those other trays will build up and nobody will get anything through the x-ray system.
- yes madam you really cannot go through wearing that jacket.

Yours respectfully

Victor Meldrew

Post Edited (Fri 09 Nov 02:39)
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