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Topic Originator: P  
Date:   Wed 26 Aug 07:46

While the Guardian has almost become a parody of itself it does have the occasional interesting article and this one on QAnon fits that description.


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 Re: QAnon
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Wed 26 Aug 08:10

This nonsense always appears during an election. If Trump is reelected then it truly confirms the US as the stupidest nation on the planet.
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 Re: QAnon
Topic Originator: OzPar  
Date:   Wed 26 Aug 11:50

There's one or two folk on here who clearly have been fully taken in by these dangerous clowns and their nutty ideas.

Make no bones about it, dotnet has been infiltrated by QAnon supporters. Not many thankfully, but enough to be noticeable. For instance, how often has the word Pizzagate appeared in our obscure little discussion board?

It's their words that give them away.

What they lack in their own vocabulary, they more than make up for in their ability to borrow catchphrases and tall tales that they endlessly repeat in as many outlets as possible.

Letting their loony claims go unanswered is the wrong thing to do in the current environment.

The Guardian is most probably correct in saying that QAnon represents a potential terrorist threat down the track.
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 Re: QAnon
Topic Originator: P  
Date:   Wed 26 Aug 16:31

There’s certainly looks like a link to the “do your own research” brigade

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