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 Mike Tyson
Topic Originator: OzPar  
Date:   Wed 21 Oct 14:38

I stumbled across an amazing interview on YouTube today. It is the most revealing interview of Mike Tyson that I have ever seen.

I have never been a great fan of his - we all know that he was no angel out of the ring. But, I must say this has changed my view on him considerably.

He is interviewed by a German guy, Paul Holdengruber, who very quickly gets behind the brash facade revealing Tyson as a very intelligent and deep-thinking individual who has, for the most part, managed to mask his underlying low self esteem and many vulnerabilities.

Fascinating viewing...


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 Re: Mike Tyson
Topic Originator: sammer  
Date:   Thu 22 Oct 00:07

2020 has been a pretty grim year but this interview with Mike Tyson helps to restore belief in human nature. It is a riveting exchange with a rather poncey interviewer who actually ends up doing a really good job. Thanks so much for that Ozpar.

I have long suspected that most boxers are philosophers in their own way, just as most philosophers and chess players are boxers after a fashion. Mike Tyson is well read in warrior philosophy and, new to me, has a disarming sense of self-deprecation. When he laughs at life or himself, he means it.

His thoughts on Liston, Ali and Duran are all from the heart and well considered. It.s a long interview but highly recommended. BTW, his father had a Scottish/Irish name: Jimmy Kilpatrick. He.s quite open about his mother.s life in the interview.

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 Re: Mike Tyson
Topic Originator: parathletic  
Date:   Thu 22 Oct 11:38

Watched it last night and enjoyed it. Hadn.t seen it before so thanks for the heads up.

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 Re: Mike Tyson
Topic Originator: red-star-par  
Date:   Fri 23 Oct 00:21

I will need to have a look at this tomorrow. Tyson does have a great encyclopedic knowledge of the history of boxers, very much a student of the art. I remember watching a documentary about him a few years back where he told about how he was a shy, fat kid who was being bullied. He found refuge in the racing pigeons on the roof of his apartment block and used to go up there to avoid the bullies. Eventually they found out about it and one of his tormentors snapped the neck of a pigeon in front of him. This caused him to fly into a rage, and he lost it, beating the guy up. After that, he realised he could fight and it shaped his future
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