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 Losing livelihoods
Topic Originator: OzPar  
Date:   Fri 20 Aug 01:37

I don`t know what the situation in the UK is now, but currently, we are in our sixth lockdown in 18 months, as the vicious Delta or Indian variant sweeps through Australia. With vaccination supply struggling to meet demand, we are well behind the UK`s coverage.

Sydney is in chaos, and while we are nowhere near as bad, down here in Victoria, the concern is high that it will probably worsen.

The economic impact is really ramping home now.

Under the lockdown rules, I can only drive to a supermarket 5 km from my house to shop. And as I look up and down the empty streets of my local town, I could cry. Almost half the shops in the town have `For Rent` signs.

This represents the livelihoods of so many people that I have got to know in the 15 years that I have lived down here. Much of the economic history of this little coastal town has just gone PUFF! Some of these shopkeepers had been around since the 1970s.

I saw the growing strain on their faces as they opened up between lockdowns; forced smiles hid the terror that must have been going on inside them as they faced mounting bills and empty tills. I would spend as much as I could afford with them, but we both knew that it would never be enough.

Covid may eventually be beaten, but its impact will live on. Life down here in my little town will never be the same again.

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 Re: Losing livelihoods
Topic Originator: kechal7  
Date:   Fri 20 Aug 11:13

Looking from the outside, Australia has been shocking in regards to distributing the vaccine. They were praised for their quick lockdowns and strict borders. When doing this the time should have been spent on ensuring the population was vaccinated so normality can return. Instead, isolating the whole island nation seems to have been the prepared method and god knows when people will be allowed in/out

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 Re: Losing livelihoods
Topic Originator: ipswichpar  
Date:   Fri 20 Aug 12:16

Oz, sad to hear folks are struggling so much.

I've just done a quick Google.....is it correct that Australia has only seen 974 Covid related deaths?

Staggering if true given the population of 25m or so.

While the UK Government have done a shocking job in terms of deaths, in my opinion, they have done a pretty good job from an economic and vaccine perspective. Those countries who haven't done a good job on the latter two could unfortunately be in for some significant and long term pain. The Aussies seems like a resilient bunch though.
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