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 What is wrong with some people (men)
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Thu 9 Sep 13:13

So I’m ragin’

Found out today from my wife that my youngest one (daughter) doesn’t feel safe walking home from town because on majority of cases, she will have lewd comments shouted at her by passing cars… normally around appin crescent area

…In fact on one occasion the car started slowing down which means she felt very vulnerable and quite scared – to the point where she won’t walk along that road on her own, especially when it gets dark

WTF is wrong with some people - do they not even think what that would feel like to someone more vulnerable than them!?!?!?

As said, I’m pure ragin’ and want to start following her with a half niddrie, to make sure the car and hopefully any passenger who does this gets some instant karma

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 Re: What is wrong with some people (men)
Topic Originator: Wotsit  
Date:   Thu 9 Sep 13:24

It`s not even a very good strategy - how often does anyone find a willing partner by shouting at them from a moving vehicle?

Does any guy ever do this when they are alone? I`m not sure they do.

All of which which leads me to believe that it`s about showing off - guys with fragile egos using vulnerable women as a way to score points with their mates.

It is even worse that they target lone women whilst being in the protection of a group.

It`s genuinely pathetic. If you do this you should get take time to evaluate your life and the decisions that led you to be in such a terrible psychological condition.

"Who you are and what you feel comes not just from inside you, but from where you are in the power structure"
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 Re: What is wrong with some people (men)
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Thu 9 Sep 15:06

I used to work in a team of women. I was genuinely shocked when they would complain about the workers over the road wolf whistling. I thought that was something from the past. Sad wee men
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