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 Advice - Bus from Dunf to Edin (multi journey)
Topic Originator: DBP  
Date:   Fri 30 Sep 14:16

does anyone know the best option for me with regards to bus tickets?

for the next 10 weeks, i need to travel into Edinburgh once per week - it can be off peak (or may peak time in morning if not any extra cost)

i won`t be using it outside of that one day per week - so does anyone know if you can you get a multi-journey ticket that will span over 10weeks?

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 Re: Advice - Bus from Dunf to Edin (multi journey)
Topic Originator: aaaaaaaaaargh  
Date:   Fri 30 Sep 17:01

I think Stagecoach do flexible tickets that you can use over a few months, and I think that would be cheaper than buying 10 individual returns. Their website is probably the best place to look, although you can probably ask a human at the bus station or park-and-rides if you want to be sure you are getting the cheapest tickets. The people at Halbeath P+R are usually helpful.

The last time I checked, the difference between peak and off-peak tickets wasn`t too much, but it will still add up over 10 trips.

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