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Is It Like This Every Week?

Ahhhh, it is good to be back, isn`t it? Scottish football has returned for the 2021-22 campaign, with crowds back too! While the number of supporters being permitted entry into grounds is limited at present, we all hope come the middle of August, we can become accustomed to full stadia once again.

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DAFC.net 21 years on

Following on from the History of DAFC.net by OzPar it is time to look forward to the next period of DAFC.net `s history.

The internet has come a long way in the last 25 years who knows where it will be in the next 25 years.

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Guess the Season Tickets

For some years Sliema Par has organised a Guess the number of DAFC Season Tickets that will be purchased.

Sliema, as the name suggests, was based in Malta when he used this name on the forum, and runs this competition throughout the season.

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Prediction League

We are about to start on a new Prediction League for the Euro 2020`s.

The previous League for the Scottish Championship was won by `sadindiefreak` by just 1 point. The winners prize for last season competition was a Season Ticket to East End Park.

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The History of Dotnet, by OzPar

It was 25 years ago, back in 1995, that Microsoft launched its revolutionary Windows 95 operating system, and for those of us with the desire and the money to keep up with the latest computer trends at home, it opened a whole new world of opportunity.

With the additional purchase of a 14.4k modem, suddenly the Internet became available at the click of an icon on our computer screen.

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Vivian braves the shave

Vivian braves the shaveA fundraising effort for the Peacocks in Pittencreiff Park

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