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A Year is a Long Time in Football

Author: Douglas Scott Date: Thursday, 30th Nov 2000

Jimmy Calderwood seemed surprised to learn today that it was a year to the day since he was appointed as manager of Dunfermline. He was happy to reflect on his year and the progress made to date.

"I am well pleased with our current league position but if you look at the games that we have lost it could have been 5th position. The standard of our performances is pleasing; we have come on a ton."

"It is always a long time in football although it was a three and a half year contract and our goal was to get promotion as soon as possible; it was big for the club that we achieved that last year. It is always difficult coming in half way through a season."

"We have adapted very well to the Premier League; we have consolidated and I think we are only three players short of being a very good team."

The manager indicated that at Dunfermline they are always looking to bring in new players if they are better than what they have got. In those circumstances they will go and do it.

"We are busy all the time trying to bring people in, but we have got to make up our minds what positions we need to do it in."

The chances of making a big money signing are remote and the introduction of a new player would always be made easier if someone was sold.

"We are not the kind of club that can go and sign 500,000 - 600,000 on a player that's the problem but if you are creative and get the right people in within our budget then I have the backing of the Board to go and do it. People are saying we need strikers; but we've got good strikers. Big Lee (Bullen) was tremendous last night - he worked his socks off and Stevie is a different class - that is his best game since I've been here. When Stewarty (Petrie) comes back in that gives us a lot more options, he creates things for us."

"It's not easy everyone is looking for strikers; I think we have done well getting Skerla and Rossi for what they cost and Barry Nicholson. After I arrived we sold Craig Ireland and Andy Smith and we have built this team with those three purchases. So that means this team has cost us 300,000. It is the way that we have to do it."

"We are doing very well, I know that we could have done better and this is the time to bring in new blood; not when we are struggling, no panic things. I have been so happy with a great bunch of lads here; they work hard and are willing to learn. I get annoyed like on Saturday first half (v Dundee United) and at St Mirren first half but we are not at the level yet that we can freewheel. We are not good enough for that we have got to battle; and if we battle like we did against Hearts and against Rangers then we are a difficult team to beat."

"With the quality that we have with Nicholson, Crawford and Mendes if he is on his game they are going to bring you something extra."

"I know what standards the players have got and I am convinced that we can only get better. Especially if we can keep them all together; if Skerla and McGroarty keep performing the way they are, if Rossi comes in and does what I know he can do, Scott Thomson has been tremendous for a year. Barry Nicholson is loving it even though he still hasn't played 20 games in the Premier League."

"There is great potential for this club if we can keep this standard of player here. Most of these players are on four year contracts so if somebody comes in they are going to have to pay an awful lot of money. We are not the kind of club who can turn down 1 or 2 million pounds for whoever. You have just got to take it and make sure that the assembly line is ready for the next one coming in. If someone came in with the kind of bid for whoever then you have to sell him but then you wouldn't need to sell anyone else. At the moment I don't want to sell anyone or the 2 million although the directors might."

Douglas Scott

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