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Date: Friday, 29th Oct 2021

For many years we have run some form of adverts throughout the website.

Recently though you may say there are more intrusive than previously.

Why do we have adverts ?

Adverts raise revenue to fund the cost of the servers. Originally this was the only aim.

Over the last 7 years advertising revenue has increased enough to fund a variety of projects around DAFC.

-- DAFC.net
-- DAFC.co.uk
-- ParsFoundation.co.uk
-- DAHT.co.uk
-- DADSC.fife.net
-- DASC.fife.net
-- DAFCffit.co.uk

-- player sponsorship
-- purchasing of special items, whisky, auction items,

We trully understand sometimes that the adverts can be very intrusive, however these are looked at and when they are causing problems they are then stopped.

We are happy to get feedback on adverts that you think are causing issues, please post info on the Admin Forum.

We believe adverts are here to stay as they do raise considerable income that helps the projects listed above, including the serves that are used for the DAFC websites. So the upshot is that the fans are helping to contribute towards the upkeep of the club interenet services.

Donation to DAHT
Projects like the DAHT website requires considerable resources for the Videos, Images and Documents that are stored. The volunteers have spent a lot of time and effort collating information.

DAFC.net has made a recent donation to the DAHT to pay for the External Hard drive that was recently purchased. This allows a second independant backup to be carried out to ensure that all the information is safely stored.

Donation to DADSC
GG Riva is a well know poster on the Forum providing many topics for discussion. Recently we asked him (as he was a very valued poster) to suggest a group where DAFC.net could donate, to a DAFC related project.

GG has suggested "How about DADSC for the lift they want to install, even if you`ve donated to them before?"

DAFC.net has made another donation to the DADSC Lift Fund. we would like to thank the fans for making this possible by viewing and using the forum.

Yes of course, ad-blockers can stop some annoying adverts but they don`t help the DAFC cause. If you have any issues we would rather sort them from our end.

Website updates
We have also asked for further help on the re-development of the website and the forum.

The Club website and other websites mentioned about could also do with a revamp in the near future. However, it is important to note that all the data being saved in files and the database can fairly easily be re-used on a more modern template. It was important in the original structure, 7 years ago, that a simple but effective mechanism for linking fixtures and all its related information was provided. If you have suggestions or able to help when the time comes please get in touch.

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