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Are we really Pars fans ?

Author: Brian, Jason Date: Tuesday, 31st Aug 2004

Once again I feel the need to question the sanity of some `Pars fans`.

Once again we have a ridiculous situation on the message board with rumours that do not help DAFC in the least. Anonymous posts as we have seen today are quite ridiculous and in fact damaging to us all. Its our responsibility at DAFC.net to manage the message forums, which at times is an impossible task. So one option is to shut down the message forums before the originators of these messages get sued.

The responsibility of this rests with all Pars fans to help manage this situation andf keep things sensible. Nobody wants to stop free speech, but speech isn`t free if you have a ridiculous story and hide behind it anonymously.

and a message from Jason:

Just a quick plea to a lot of people who seem happy to post unsubstantiated rumours on this board and then walk away whilst the rumour spreads like wildfire.

Posting messages along the lines of "the club is about to go into administration" instantly get creditors on the club`s back! The club have been bending over backwards and making hellishly difficult decisions to do everything BUT go into administration, as it is hardly a short term solution!

Please refrain from adding second/third hand information that you may have heard from someone who simply cannot back these allegations with facts.

On another note, Barry Nicholson and Andrius Skerla are definitely NOT going to be transferred from the club before the deadline. If that was going to happen, the club would surely be the first to know of it, and they don`t!

This is just a simple plea to ask people to think about the effects of what they post and the repercussions thereafter.

The club is working hard enough as it is to solve a number of problems, having them added to by Pars fans is not helpful in the slightest.

One final point, if anyone does have any concerns about the club, they are more than willing to listen direct. Please get in touch with the club, rather than simply posting rumours on this board.

original story, which seems to remain the same theme today was written by me on 30 Jan 2003 - BD

I`ve mentioned this subject on occassions before about whether we are here to help or hinder Dunfermline Athletic management and players.

Take the home game against Dundee on Tuesday evening, a superb game where all the players played out of their skins for 90 minutes. Unfortunately no points at the end of the game, but I saw a team committed and played some really good football. I can accept that some mistakes were made during the game but these were only minor in the overall scheme of things.

Jimmy Calderwood and Jimmy Nichol are both doing their best and that shows by them bringing players such as Noel Hunt to East End Park. Who can argue that their success is the best since the 60`s ?

Pars fans have to stand back and look at the complete picture and not just small instances of errors. These happen at all clubs and all levels. Falkirk had a superb win against Hearts at the weekend so we all have bad games. Hearts are now 4 points above the Pars so should Hearts players be ostracised by their fans - I think not. The Big Picture is what we need to concentrate on.

What can we on DAFC.net do ? should we remove and censor all messages on the messageboard ? we are entitled to freedom of speech yes, but surely not at personal attacks on players and management. We have to do something about it, what - I don`t know.

As usual we welcome any suggestion that can help make DAFC.net better and suggestions on how to help Dunfermline Athletic as much as we can. Am I ranting off topic and taking garbage ? or do you have something to say on the subject - for or against - then email me on brian@DAFC.net.

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