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Dunfermline`s Awesome Comeback Win From 3 Goals Down Against Airdrie

Date: Monday, 20th Feb 2023

A football match does not last exactly 90 minutes, it lasts until the referee blows the whistle. These facts are often remembered by the fans of certain clubs who, in an incredible way, lost the games they thought as won, or as they say, "made a mess out of nothing".

It rarely happens that a team has a big advantage of 3 goals after an hour of play and ends up losing the game on their own field. I mean, even bookmaker like William Hill place high odds on outcomes like these because the potential for it happening will not be as likely.

However, one of the biggest comebacks happened in the match of the 18th round of Scottish League One at Excelsior Stadium, where Dunfermline overcame Airdie’s big advantage of 3:0.

With a lot of style, effectiveness, and efficiency, Dunfermline is on the way to returning to the Scottish Championship after only one season spent in League One. After 24 rounds of the championship, they have a comfortable 5 points more than the second-placed team (the best team qualifies for the Championship, while, the next three teams on the table enter the playoffs for an additional place), and it can already be stated that from next season we will be watching this team in the company of the teams from the Championship.

Dunfermline, the leaders of Scottish League One in an incredible and unusual match at Excelsior Stadium (Airdrie) defeated the home team after a great turnaround with a result of 4:3.

After 50 minutes, Airdrie led 3:0 with goals from G. McGill, C.Gallagher, and an own goal scored by unfortunate R.Mahon. But, the visitors did not give up and mostly thanks to the great M. Todd they achieved the turnaround of their dreams.

In the 60th minute of the match, the Airdie’s striker C. Smith made a terrible mistake and made a foul in the penalty area. The visitors gladly used the gift and K.Benedictus scored from the spot to make the result 3:1, at the moment the hosts and their fans were still very confident that all 3 points are theirs.

Only 6 minutes later the young, 21 years old Matthew Todd made it 3:2. The visitors started to play more and more confident and aggressive, while at the same time the hosts were totally different from the first half and were making terrible mistakes. As Dunfermline pushed harder and the pressure was higher, Matthew Todd came up again to score and level it up in the 82nd minute of the match. The momentum was totally on the side of Dunfermline and the Airdrie players looked shocked and in disbelief.

The visitors didn’t stop there and in the 86th minute, Nikolay Todorov scored the 4th goal which brought them victory and all 3 points in an incredible match.

The fans of this team are probably already used to such twists and turns and exciting matches because they are something completely normal for Dunfermline. Тhey have already this season come back from 1-0 to take a point against Falkirk, Queen of the South, Clyde and Airdrie.

They come back against Kelty Hearts On Christmas Eve and won with 2:1, while they managed to win a point against Clyde after they were down 2:0.

Мany of the football fans compared this comeback to perhaps the most famous one in the world of football, the one that happened in the final of the UEFA Champions League in Istanbul in 2004/05. With a 3:0 advantage, Milan went to the dressing room, the champagne was already on ice, it was only waiting for another 45 minutes to flow and for the celebration to begin.

What happened in the second 45 minutes, and what was called the "Miracle in Istanbul", still no one could explain. Liverpool fans have already regretted the title, one fan in that city took his own life at the half time, in the stadium they were still singing You`ll never walk alone, expecting their boys to play honorably to the end and avoid a more convincing defeat.

But in the second half, Milan missed incredible opportunities, Liverpool fought, the match went to extra time and penalties, and in the end Liverpool deservedly celebrated. But these are the situations why we all love football.

Dunfermline are leaders in Scottish league One and is on good way to win promotion, while Airdrie are in 3rd position, fighting to finish in a place to qualify for the playoffs. As the season goes by the matches are getting more and more attractive and exciting, so enjoy the magic of Scottish football.

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