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Fundraising - please volunteer

Author: Michael Thomas Date: Friday, 16th Nov 2012

Following on from recent meetings to discuss the pars Alive initiative a number of fundraising efforts are being used to give fans some form of leverage and influence about the club.

From what people are saying, the new directors seem to be a genuinely good thing for the club and for fan representation and things seem to be moving on those issues.

In the short term though, funds and assistance are needed, either to help keep things ticking over at EEP or to raise serious money to try give us as fans some form of leverage and influence about our club.

Here`s some specific things that YOU can get involved in in the next few weeks:

Bucket Collection
Date: 24 November 2012
Volunteers needed: 20 or more
To do what: Go round the stands at the Dumbarton game with buckets. (Tbc - May also want people to do same in local pubs before game and outside ground)
How do I volunteer: email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk, with `volunteer` in subject line

PJ Malloys night
Date: 2 December 2012
Volunteers needed: tbc
To do what: tbc but possibly leafleting to promote the night
How do I volunteer: email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk, with `volunteer` in subject line
Additional: Comedians needed for the night, so if anyone knows anyone...

Forth Road Bridge Sponsored Walk
Date: 9 December 2012
Volunteers needed: As many as possible, ideally 200 or more
To do what: Walk across the Forth Road Bridge four times, and raise sponsorship. Walk may be done in fancy dress, pars colours or whatever.
How do I volunteer: email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk, with `volunteer` in subject line

Helping around East End Park
Date: ongoing
Volunteers needed: Will vary by job needing done, but handymen/women, joiners, electricians, plumbers, etc
Also: all fans to be on the look out for things and report them to the right people (details tbc) so that they are fixed (as opposed to seeing things and just having a moan but not telling anyone who might actually sort it!)
To do what: help the club fix the various things needing done round the ground. Aim being to make EEP better to be at, more enjoyable, more inviting.
How do I volunteer: email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk, with `volunteer` in subject line

Postal Initiative
Date: lead up to christmas
What is it: a way for fans to send their xmas mail using EEP instead of regular mail. Fans will save on postage and DAFC will get a cut.
Volunteers: May need some help administering that.
Details tbc

Supporters Wall
What is it: as mooted in fan survey a while go, a fundraising campaign by the club, similar to In With The Bricks.
What`s needed: there`s no organiser right now, so PST to try to organise that but if anyone has experience of planning, promoting and running this kind of fundraising initiative I`m sure they`d be glad to hear from you - email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk

Press features/advertising
Purpose: To promote fundraising efforts and/or attendance at games
Needed: Fans with knowledge/experience of press relationship management, advertising purchasing, etc
Nothing concrete on this at present but it was raised as a question at be meeting, so if you have such experience, email parstrust@yahoo.co.uk

If I`ve got anything wrong, apologies, and please someone correct me and I`ll fix it.

Ok, hopefully that`s useful. If anyone out there can help, either with specific tasks or wider events like taking part in the the Forth Road Bridge walk please get in touch soon.

This is our club, and the more we help out, the better its future will be. Please volunteer for something. Thanks :-)

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