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Match ratings for Sundays Kickabout

Author: bigtallpap Date: Monday, 16th Jun 2003

Match ratings for Sundays Kickabout sent in by Michael (bigtallpap). Report from Neil and more photos will follow shortly.

Ginger_Par Played well with a lot of good movement, and a lovely pass to DA_STU - really was Kozmaesque! 8/10

Sinky Speedy, twisty-turny performance which caused the other side a lot of problems. Also put in a couple of belting (but just about fair) tackles 7/10

TAFKA_Super_Petrie A solid match for TAFKA, and looked dangerous with the ball at his feet. Squandered a great chance when put through (but I only mention it because it was the only good ball I played all match!) 7/10

SuperAlly Tackle of the season (!) on Ginger_Par, and marshalled the defence well. Limped off later after twisting his ankle, but returned to act as an onfield cameraman - what a hero! 7/10

DA_STU Missed the chance created by Ginger_Par`s pass, but scored a couple of times, taking both goals well. A good day`s work. 8/10

LazyBW Showed some good skills, especially when running directly at defenders. Not someone you wanted to see haring towards you with the ball... 7/10

Matthew (aka wee_par) MOM - despite being the youngest on the park, he showed some silky touches and very nearly scored a great goal with a lob over the keeper that just cleared the imaginary bar. Such a foul mouth for one so young though! 9/10

DAFC_alltheway (aka the_parsno1) Scored four, and showed a good turn of pace too. Spent a lot of his time trying to hack wee brother Matthew! 8/10

Chicken_Wing "Sublime control on the chest and [a] half volley that secured the winning goal" - well that`s how he put it anyway (looked like a bit of a miskick to me.................I`m kidding of course....) Played well, took his chances and worked hard up front. 8/10

Neil Solid attacking midfield performance. Strong presence created a lot of space and chances. Also took time out to take a few photos (while still playing) until freed from camera duties by SuperAlly`s injury. Nice strip by the way! 7/10

Chinns Started in goal, and looked pretty secure there. Later moved forward and won the ball well in midfield. Also played in Chicken_Wing for the [next-goal-wins] winner with a great pass from the right. 8/10

TurpPar Like SuperAlly, suffered a painful-looking ankle injury that cut short what had been a good showing. Clever passes down the wings created openings, and made some good strong tackles too. 7/10

Ivo Good control and movement and was always ready to receive a pass. Looked dangerous on the counter attack. 7/10

bigtallpap Put in a virtuoso display with breathtaking artistic vision, and Herculean stamina....well sort of. Tried (quite) hard, but lack of fitness/skill left him floundering a bit. Played a couple of nice passes, but looks set for a free transfer when the window reopens... 6/10

Bex Not actually playing, but gets a special rating for bringing half-time oranges. 9/10

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