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Post Match Interviews

Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Sunday, 13th Feb 2005

Highlights from interviews given by Calderwood, Davie Hay, Bill Mehmet, Scott Thomson and Barry Nicholson after the game at EEP against Aberdeen. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to hear these highlights.

Jimmy Calderwood
Jimmy is adamant that his side got exactly what they deserved which was nothing having been out fought and left with very little firepower up front. He looks at the game as a big loss due to the fact they missed the chance to catch Hibs but he is most annoyed because his side didn’t even deserve to win the match. When posed the question about Byrnes performance he is quick to tell us that the big defender “made a mug of it” and also states that the fans got to Richie which, in Jimmy’s eyes is amateur stuff.

Davie Hay
Davie stresses that this was an important and merited victory, he also points out that there have been many performances just as good that brought no points. He singles out first team debutant, Ian Campbell, as having a particularly impressive game having replaced Andrius Skerla. Davie gives praise and thanks to the fans who got behind the team throughout the match. In response to enquiries about the situation with Jimmy Calderwood he admits he felt justified in making an issue of the remarks but that media had its own input to the feud.

Billy Mehmet
Billy is very pleased with the team’s performance and the amount of chances they managed to create. He stresses that the team is always fired up for matches but admits the fact that it was Calderwood’s team made them a little more determined. Billy talks of how playing Richie Byrne was strange having trained with him so often and feels for the new Dons man after his blunder led to the goal.

Scott Thomson
Scott is very happy for the manager after getting the result over Aberdeen following the week of media attention to the respective clubs managers. He praises his sides battling qualities and admits that following the equaliser it seemed to be the same old story of losing 3 points. Thomo is blunt in saying he has no sympathy for Richie Byrne as the jeering and heckling is all part of the game, he explain that he too was getting a fair amount of grief from the Aberdeen support.

Barry Nicholson
Barry is delighted to have won the game for the manager and gain 3 points to bolster the clubs league position becoming 8 points clear of Livingston. He explains that the side knew the first goal would be important but is disappointed that they sat back following Mehmet’s opener. Barry also feels the fans were magnificent by getting behind the team throughout the match and hopes that the confidence gained from the result can carry onto the rest of the season.

Audio: Calderwood after Aberdeen game

Audio: Davie Hay after Aberdeen game

Audio: Billy Mehmet after Aberdeen game

Audio: Scott Thomson after Aberdeen game

Audio: Barry Nicholson after Aberdeen game

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