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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Saturday, 6th May 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Charlie Christie and Nick Phinn after the game against Inverness CT at EEP.

Jim Leishman
Jim was mainly disappointed with the fact that the club went from 9th place to 11th place after one game, meaning that that club lost out on what would have been a bonus £140,000. He gives praise to his Inverness counterparts for the strong season the have had especially nearing the end, showing a lot of spirit and strength. Jim stresses the importance of the injury list at Dunfermline, which made his job a lot harder throughout the year, he hopes to strengthen the squad in the summer and get together a team he can play week in, week out. Confirmation is given by Leishman that he will be in charge next season following the chairman’s request for that to be the case. Talking of the season that was, Jim remembers that there were many highs, such as the victory at Parkhead, but also lows such as the 8-1 thrashing at East End Park.

Charlie Christie
Charlie feels that his sides second half performance was far better than that of the first half, which he feels managed to push the game in their favour with the home side starting the brighter. He is very impressed with the 5 consecutive clean sheets that Caley racked up at the end of the season and this shows that they are a well-organised and professional team. Having dropped into the bottom 6 the initial disappointment has been washed away after finishing comfortably as the best team in the lower half of the table. A European flourish is being looked into by Inverness by way of the Intertoto Cup and it seems that all involved look forward to being given that opportunity.

Nick Phinn
Nicky was surprised to get a chance to come off the bench and although he is happy at getting another first team appearance under his belt he remains disappointed at the result. He is happy that his team mates seem to have a lot of confidence in his ability to hold onto, carry and pass the ball in top flight football and as a result he feels his own game is improving. Nicky believes he was very lucky to get a chance to break through this season and puts it down to the amount of injuries the club was nursing, while bad for the club in general it was good news for Phinn. He talks of the players who have been let go from their YTS contracts and how it was a sad day when the cut came, however, he is pleased to have been given a full time deal.

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