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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 7th May 2007

Highlights from interviews given by Jim O`Brien and Scott Wilson after the 4-1 defeat of Motherwell at East End Park.

Jim O`Brien
Jim and the team knew how important it was to win the game with the current SPL situation, he explains how the manager stressed at half-time how well he thought the team played in the first half. O’brien feels that it was probably the best performance all season, only rivalled by that of the away win at Inverness earlier in the season, and for him to get himself a goal was a bonus for the youngster. With players coming back from injury and the manager having a full squad to play for Jim believes the side is showing what it can really do, he also points out the strength of the bench and the squad in general. In relation to the other teams at the bottom he is adamant that the team is only interested in looking after themselves at the moment although they know that other teams have to drop points. Scott Wilson’s red card was seen again on television and O’ Brien is glad the defender is going to appeal what he felt was an outrageous decision. On his chances on playing in the Cup Final, Jim states that he cant be worrying about things like that in the current climate but will await the answer from Strachan. On the short term Jim wants to concentrate on enjoying his football and playing but admits that he wants to be a Celtic player in the future and hopes his spell at East End will go some way to making that a reality.

Scott Wilson
Scott explains that he is definitely going to appeal his red card as he feels that he did not commit the crime that the referee accused him of and thought that the opposition player took the easy way out by falling to the ground. He isn’t sure how the appeal system works but hopes that it will be able to go through in order for him to play in the huge game at Inverness on Saturday as any unnecessary omissions from the team makes it all the more difficult. Apart from his own disappointment at the sending off he is pleased with the result and knows that the team are on a great run, however he points out that there might be too few games to save their SPL status. Scott realises that the teams fighting for their lives are more likely to pull out results than teams who are safe and mentally already on their holidays, but he does give credit to the buddies for digging in and getting those results.

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