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Scottish football`s global growth in recent years

Date: Tuesday, 8th Nov 2022

The Scottish Premiership has expanded its growth globally in the past few years be that via television broadcasting deals in overseas territories or from signing international footballing stars.

The league is now available to stream in a wide range of countries including the United States and Canada as well as various parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.

The league, of course, holds huge historical significance within the footballing world with two big clubs in the form of Rangers and Celtic who have achieved European success featuring in the SPL.
But fixtures being shown week in and week out across the globe is sure to reap huge benefits for the entire Scottish Football League with TV revenue filtering down to the lower divisions.

How is Scottish Football viewership growing?

ExpressVPN`s infographic shows what drives sports streaming in the UK, the most successful clubs of the present lead the rankings in the Premier League in Liverpool and Manchester City and dramatic events including match winners in football create huge surges in stream searches.

Scottish football`s biggest fixture, The Old Firm derby being broadcast worldwide is certainly a huge event that could create a peak in stream searches and broadcasting figures and gauge many football fans` interest in Scottish football.

Based on the English Premier League`s pyramid, the football system as a whole can grow as a result of the biggest clubs being aired across the globe bringing in huge revenue that can fund a nation of clubs, especially in the top four divisions.

The SPFL reached an agreement with CBS Sports Network and Paramount+ in the US to broadcast 85 fixtures per season including every Old Firm fixture as well as a weekly highlights show; this is extremely beneficial for the growth of the football pyramid commercially.

There have also been worldwide agreements made to show fixtures in over 150 territories from all of the top four divisions in Scotland of the Premiership, Championship, League One and Two.

The revenue alone for the global TV deals is vitally important for the lower leagues, and merchandise sales are sure to continue to improve massively as the league is more widely aired.

As part of the CBS, deal games would be broadcast on TV as well as streamed via an app subscription service and so the league is more accessible than ever for football fans in the US.

The Cinch Title sponsorship

The Scottish Football League has a sponsorship deal in place with an online car retailer Cinch which is the largest in its history with the company sponsoring all four of the divisions in the pyramid.

All of the teams in those divisions will directly receive a portion of the sponsorship revenue for an initial five-year period. And this will be vital financially for clubs such as Dunfermline Athletic that have experienced relegation recently.

The fact the SPFL have managed to secure sponsorships that benefit the entire Football League pyramid and not just the top-performing teams is vital to Scottish Football`s long-term growth.

However, the lower down the Divisions you go, the lesser the prize money becomes and this is the one area of improvement for the SPFL, to make teams more competitive and financially sound by giving less money to the `Big Clubs` and making a more evenly-distributed model so Clubs such as Dunfermline Athletic can kick on and really meet their potential.

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