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Shirking responsibility

Author: Brian Duncan Date: Tuesday, 3rd Jul 2012

Nobody in the higher echelons of Scottish Football seem to be willing to stand up and be counted and make a final decision. FIVE MONTHS after Rangers went into Administration and TWO WEEKS before the start of a new season some teams don`t know where they will be playing.

Much has been written about the newco saga that I wasn`t sure whether I should write any more on the subject. Some of it excellent coverage while some of it is just regurgitated blackmail through some of the newspapers.

SPL chairmen seem to have made a decision some time ago but yet the SPL seem again to want to delay matters by postponing a decision.

SFL Chairmen have been lining up in recent days to make statements about what to do with a newco and they all seem very clear about it.

Yet it`s closing in on 2 weeks before the kick off and those buffoons (SPL/SFL/SFA) in charge of our game continue to use delaying tactics hoping maybe somebody will come to a sensible solution.

Responsibility for this must lie with the people in charge, whether it be the SPL, SFL or SFA, somebody has to make a decision.

These people are getting good money to be in `charge` of football in this country and they continually abdicate their responsibility. After yesterday`s meeting of SFL Clubs it is now understood that any decision by the SFL will not happen until the 12th of July.

We must congratulate Turnbull Hutton for standing up and not being intimidated by the bully boys who are supposed to guiding scottish football. He came out and called them cowards, which is correct as they are scared to make a decision that should have been taken 3 months ago.

Please note that new rules should be put in place such that any team that goes into administration or liquidation should have 4 weeks to complete the process.


Its clear that some clubs are making decisions but its also very clear that somebody somewhere is sitting on the fence hoping that somebody else will make a decision.

SPL and SFL chairmen understand fans will walk away but it doesn`t seem like the SPL/SFL officials really believe that will happen.

Two questions I`d like to ask:
Q1: If there is an assertion that £16m would be lost to the Scottish game if Rangers are relaunched in the Third Division. - What will be the loss to Scottish Football if newco get foisted on the First Division ?
If I take a conservative estimate of 500 fans (on average) from each of the 9 teams over 19 home matches at an average of £10 per person will be £855,000 in one season. Going by the anger on fans forums I believe this be be very conservative estimate. That`s £95,000 per club. This money is not going to be recovered by the clubs just because a newco will be a saviour and this is money outwith any of the supposedly `newco` money getting put back into the game.

Q2: How much did the Old Rangers end up in debt ?
For the Rangers debt I`ve heard figures of over 100-135 Million pounds, that puts the figure of £16 million pale into insignificance.
How much will be lost IF newco goes to the First Division? And we should also recognise that people can`t just walk away from their debt scot-free !

Fans want rules to be followed, whether you are a big team or small team, there should be no favouritism. Jeffrey Archer didn`t get any favours because he was a millionaire when he was sent to jail, so why should a football team be any different? Are they too big for justice to be served ?

Please give me your thoughts on this and if I have any incorrect assumptions or statements please let me know. I know I don`t get my point over in the same manner as Paul McConville but hopefully you will get the flavour of the fans frustration. You will however get the real flavour of fans feelings on the forum.

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